Advantages of Investing in Antalya

28 December 2022
Advantages of Investing in Antalya

Investing in Antalya is a priority for many investors. With its tourism volume and commercial advantages, Antalya offers great opportunities to many investors. In this article, we will explain the advantages and opportunities of investing in Antalya. Previously, you can read our articles about investing in Turkey, which may give you an idea about investing in Turkey.

The best investment opportunities in Antalya

For many investors who want to make profitable investments in Turkey, there are all kinds of investment opportunities in Antalya. But the most important of these are the tourism and real estate sectors. However, it should not be forgotten that an investment can be made more by intersecting with more than one type of investment. For this reason, it would be more correct to act on this principle when investing in Antalya, the capital of tourism in Turkey. Especially real estate investment and tourism investments and their intersection will be very profitable for investors.

Advantages of Investing in Antalya
Advantages of Investing in Antalya

Investment in Antalya

Investment opportunities in Antalya range from tourism and services to real estate. This has led to an increasing number of people investing here, making Antalya a more important investment destination. Antalya’s huge tourist demand shows the economic and investment importance of this region. So, what are the reasons for this tourism demand that Antalya has. Antalya has natural and aesthetic features, moderate weather and attractive beaches.

This fertile environment, which is very beneficial for all kinds of investments, still attracts many people to take advantage of its ripe fruits. In addition, there is no doubt that investment and real estate investment based on good studies in Antalya will return to its owner as profit and benefit.

Tourism Investment in Antalya

Attracting 2 million tourists annually, mostly foreign, especially European and Russian, Antalya attracts many investors. Antalya has been a pioneer in the tourism industry with its luxury resorts. In addition, the richness of its natural aesthetics, embraced by the soft, warm wavy sands of the Mediterranean Sea, helps to make the city a pleasant and attractive resting place for tourists from all over the world.

Dozens of tourist attractions are located in Antalya. On the other hand, hundreds of investors in all areas of tourism benefit from Antalya’s rich seasons. Among the most important areas of investment in Antalya are investment in tourist complexes or recreational facilities for tourists, investment in the service and reservation sector, car rental or other services in Antalya.

Advantages of Tourism Investment in Antalya

One of the most important features of tourism investments in Antalya is the very high number of tourists coming to the city in multiple tourism seasons each year, which attracts the attention of investors in the tourism sector to this city.

In addition, the development of the city’s infrastructure in proportion to its importance, as it has a developed international airport, an integrated service system in transportation, markets and roads, creates a fertile environment for receiving more business and investment, especially in the field of tourism.

Real Estate aInvestment in Antalya

In recent years, the pace of development and demand of the real estate investment sector in Antalya has been accelerating significantly, especially with the intense demand witnessed by Russian investors in the real estate sector. According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the number of houses sold to foreigners across Turkey in 2019 amounted to approximately 45,500, while the share of Russian citizens reached 2,893, mostly in Antalya. Russian investors usually come from large and important cities in Russia. They usually aim to stay with their families for long periods during summer vacations. This encourages them to buy apartments for sale in Turkey and especially in Antalya.

Apartments for Sale in Antalya

Investors buying apartments in Antalya often choose homes located in high quality residential complexes that include many high-end and essential services suitable for families. Residential complexes in Turkey have high luxuries, the most important of which are social and sports facilities and security protection systems. All of these are relatively affordable compared to apartment prices in major Turkish cities such as Istanbul.

Villas for Sale in Antalya

In general, most of the villas in Antalya are located around the city and stand out for their relatively acceptable prices. This is because prices start from around 200 thousand dollars for a villa with good features, including a private garden in the villa with a private swimming pool. Antalya villas are based on modernity in their design, taking advantage of the city’s sunny weather most days of the year. However, the return on investment of renting a villa in Antalya can sometimes reach 10 percent of the property’s value annually due to the properties’ features, location and being a good investment.

Land for Sale in Antalya

Many investors tend to invest in land in Antalya for construction and building. There is no doubt that a careful investment in this area can bring good profits to the investor if the location and type of investment is well chosen.

Farm for Sale in Antalya

Some investors in Antalya are toying with the idea of owning one of their productive farms, building a house on it and then reselling or renting it out after rehabilitating the farm. Thanks to the warm and humid environment of Mediterranean Antalya, the land is fertile and suitable for growing citrus and other crops.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Antalya

To summarize the above, Antalya is very advantageous in both tourism and real estate investment. For more detailed information on real estate investment, we recommend you to read our article on Real Estate Investment in Turkey. Antalya’s tourism volume provides a very high financial return. Therefore, investing in real estate in Antalya through tourist rentals is considered a profitable option and provides investors with a good financial return, especially during seasonal periods.

There is no doubt that by this type of investment is meant thoughtful real estate investment in areas that attract tourists, with open sea or beautiful nature views, close to the vital or central places of the city. In addition, Zaren Invest , a member of Zaren Group, offers the best real estate investment opportunities leading to Turkish citizenship and the best possible return on investment thanks to their strong experience in the Turkish real estate market.

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