Buying Commerical Real Estate in Turkey for Investment

25 January 2023
Buying Commercial Real Estate for Investment in Turkey

Commercial real estate is one of the most profitable types of property investments in Turkey. If you are considering making this investment, you may need to consult with a firm. Commercial real estate, such as hotels, shopping malls, and company offices, gains value not only from rent and commercial income but also over time.In general, such commercial real estate is evaluated based on its square meters.

Also, the location of property is important for investment returns. Investors can usually make a lot of profit by renting commercial real estate that they buy at affordable prices or by selling them at high prices after a period of time. Sold and rented commercial real estate can provide you with profits in many ways. Along with these, you can buy many commercial real estate properties in Turkey thanks to loan advantages.

Buying Commercial Real Estate for Investment in Turkey
Buying Commercial Real Estate for Investment in Turkey

Things to Consider When Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The profit from property investment varies according to its types and features. Therefore, investors should pay attention to certain factors while investing. Now, let’s look at the things to consider when investing in commercial real estate.

The Type of The Commerical Investment

When buying commercial real estate in Turkey, if areas such as warehouses or basements belonging to the workplace are included in the sale, it should be checked whether they are included in the title deed. The title deed should be carefully examined, especially in properties used as restaurants, as places such as storerooms or basements can be used as kitchens. Some residences are converted into workplaces and then sold. These residences should be shown as title deeds at the land registry office.

Location of Commerical Investment

Generally, one of the features that a commercial property should have is accessibility and parking space. One of the most important things in business is time. In this respect, access speed is very important for business. For commercial real estate investment in Turkey, do not forget to check the transportation facilities of your investment.

Internal Structure

At first glance, customers determine the quality of the workplace according to the design and layout there. A workplace designed with a beautiful design using luxury items will please customers. A renovated and spacious workplace will be attractive to customers.

Official Permits

There are different business areas in commercial real estate. Sometimes you may need to obtain official permits depending on what you do or will do. For example, in Turkey, it is forbidden to sell alcohol within 100 meters of schools or mosques, and the alcohol license of the business will be canceled. Such special cases and legal issues should be investigated and the necessary special permits for the workplace should be obtained in advance. Therefore, the investor must obtain detailed information in such cases. Official permits, which are important for commercial real estate investment, must be obtained.

Location of Commercial Investment

Location is the most important and critical issue for the workplace. The location should be chosen very well according to the type of workplace to be opened. Your property should be in a central area, easily accessible to people and suitable for the type of workplace. Although main streets and central places are more expensive, remember that you will earn more in the future.

Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Rental income is always higher than rental income in commercial investment. While the lease agreement is for one year, the lease agreement for a workplace is usually for 5 or 10 years. Business owners have fewer expenses than homeowners. In cases where renovations are required, homeowners have to have them done. However, those who rent the business must cover all the expenses of the business and pay taxes.

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey: Commercial real estate consultant Zaren Invest

If you are thinking of buying commercial real estate in Turkey, as a commercial real estate consultant, we are with you throughout the whole process. For reliable and accurate information, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and get information about all the details about commercial real estate. You can contact Zaren Invest, a member of Zaren Group with Zaren Clinic, to get answers to all your questions about Commercial Real Estate Investment in Turkey.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey in a nutshell

Buyers should consider many factors when purchasing a property. The most important factor is the environment where you will buy your investment property in Turkey. If you are buying a house, you can choose a place surrounded by green nature where you can enjoy the fresh air. Being close to both the center and the sea would also be a good feature.

If you are thinking of buying commercial real estate in Turkey, it is better to be close to the city center. The more people you can reach, the higher your profits will be. Especially if you want to run a business, shop or hotel for sale, you should be in the center of social and daily activities. Having a store or office in a shopping center will attract more customers.

On the other hand, cultural elements can also be an important detail for foreign investors. Countries with a multi-layered cultural structure give confidence to foreign investors. Foreign investors are interested in real estate in Turkey because there is a peaceful environment that embraces all cultures and is full of commercial opportunities. Therefore, foreign direct investment rates are satisfactory.

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