Cities of The Most Profitable Real Estate Market in Turkey

18 January 2023
Cities of The Most Profitable Real Estate Market in Turkey

2021 and 2022 were the years of the most increase in selling real estate in Turkey. This increase undoubtedly continue in 2023 as well. Real estate price in Turkey is generally affordable. On the other hand, there are many advantages to buying real estate in Turkey. When examining the last reports, selling real estate rises in each district of Turkey. The market inscreas of viewing in 2022 is recorded the most rise last 12 years. In 2022, these hot market figures were the highest increase in the last 12 years. Although real estate sales are increasing in every province in Turkey, four cities have the best real estate markets. Here, we introduce these cities.

Cities of The Most Profitable Real Estate Market in Turkey
Cities of The Most Profitable Real Estate Market in Turkey


Istanbul is alwasy the most profitable city for real estate market in Turkey with real estate number especially rising in 1990’s. Real estate investment in Istanbul is highly lucrative when considering this factor. Real estate sales in Istanbul increased by 11.5 percent compared to the previous year. In 2021, 63.8 percent of real estate sales in Istanbul took place on the European Side and 36.2 percent on the Anatolian Side, according to TUIK data. The districts with the highest real estate market in Istanbul are Esenyurt. While many real estate projects are concentrated in these districts, it is also important that working areas and business centers are concentrated in these areas, which are recorded as Beylikdüzü and Ümraniye.


Antalya, where is the most advantages place, is city, which the best selling real estate in 2022 summer time. The sales of real estate constructions in Antalya, which is in demand not only because of its tourism capacity in the summer season, but also in terms of reliability, are gradually increasing. You can check our related article to find places to invest in Antalya. Antalya is also seen as a business center and being a place of tourism has taken place in many districts to have a hot market.


Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the city of education and economy. The real estate market in Ankara is quite advantageous. Especially the districts preferred by families and civil servants are among the districts. These districts have recently revitalized the market. You can check our related article to learn the most advantageous districts for real estate investment in Ankara.


It would not be wrong to say that Izmir ranks fourth in the list of the hottest real estate markets. With its many historical and touristic attractions, Izmir has become a favorite for investors as well as the real estate market. Buca, where university campuses are located, is one of the most popular areas of Izmir, while Karşıyaka, which offers an elite environment, is a close second to Buca. You can read our related article to learn the most profitable places to invest in real estate in Izmir.

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