What to Know About Dual Citizenship

9 December 2022
Dual Citizenship, Türkiye çifte vatandaşlık

What is Dual Citizenship?

The answer of what is dual citizenship may vary according to contury. Simply put, many countries define citizenship as being connected to a country through nationality. In Turkish citizenship law, citizenship is defined as follows;

A person who is bound to the State of the Republic of Turkey by the bond of citizenship.

Turkish nationality law

If a person is a citizen of more than one country, this is dual citizenship. In Turkish citizensip law, this is defined as follows;

Multiple citizenship (dual citizenship) is when a Turkish citizen holds several citizenships at the same time

Turkish nationality law

How to Get Dual Citizenship?

Under international law, any country grants citizenship to a person according to the conditions it sets. Dual citizenship requeritments is differ from country to country, because some country don’t accept dual citizenship. Therefore, first of all, it will be necessary to examine whether the country where the application is made to obtain dual citizenship has a regulation on dual citizenship, and if so, its conditions. Turkey is also giving citizenship.

Dual Citizenship, Türkiye çifte vatandaşlık
Dual Citizenship, Türkiye çifte vatandaşlık

What are the Documents Required for Dual Citizenship Application?

Turkish citizenship can easily get dual citizenship. For this, persons who have acquired the citizenship of a foreign country for various reasons must apply to the population directorates by proving this situation. After the evaluation of the applications, people may be granted dual citizenship. However, how to apply for dual citizenship and what are the necessary documents?

  • Citizens of the Republic of Turkey must prove their citizenship with a document in accordance with Article 44 of Law No. 5901.
  • At the same time, applicants must fill out the application form to be obtained from the population directorates,
  • 2 Biometric photographs taken within the last 6 months with a white background.
  • In addition to all these, the applicant must also have his/her Republic of Turkey Identity Card with him/her in order to apply.

Persons, who prepare above document need to apply personally district population directorates. Unfortunately, application via electronic area, specially e-mail, isn’t evaluated.

Multiple Citizenship Application Conditions

The conditions that a turkish citizenship acquire dual citizenship are below:

  • Gaining citizenship of other countries
  • Both states should recognize dual citizenship
  • Informing the applied government agencies

Who Can Obtain Multiple Citizenship?

Citizens who meet the requirements announced by both countries for dual citizenship can apply by submitting the necessary documents to the relevant state institutions.

In Which Situations Can Multiple Citizenship Status Be Acquired?

Many countries have different rules on how, when and under what circumstances dual citizenship can be acquired. A turkish citizen who want to obtain dual citizenship need to fulfill requiretments we said above. Also, those who want to acquire dual citizenship has a citizenship from another country as well as Turkish citizenship. Dual citizenship statüs is defined according to country has nationalty rules. In Turkish citizenship law (44);

In the event that persons who have acquired the citizenship of a foreign state for any reason submit the documents related to this situation and it is determined as a result of the examination to be made that they are the same persons as the persons in the register, a declaration shall be made in their records in the population family registers that they have multiple citizenship.

Turkish nationality law

The Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

As we briefly explain benefits of Turkish citizenship, there are 3 main advantages;

  1. First, thanks to two passaport, you can easily sort ourt visa problems.
  2. Acquiring property in the second country of citizenship is another right provided by dual citizenship. In this way, it is possible to own property not only in Turkey but also in the second country of citizenship.
  3. Dual citizenship also offers the advantages of having a different lifestyle, getting to know different cultures and meeting and mingling with new people, as you will be immersed in both cultures.

Annulment of Denial of Multiple Citizenship

In the event that persons with dual citizenship conditions submit the requested documents to the relevant institutions, the application is evaluated and a positive or negative decision is made by the administration according to the situation. Acceptance or rejection decisions are administrative acts. The application may be rejected by the administration on the grounds that the conditions specified in the legislation are not met or that incomplete documents are submitted.

Persons whose applications are rejected may file a lawsuit for the annulment of the rejection decision if they believe that the rejection is not in accordance with the law. The competent court for the annulment of an administrative decision is the administrative court. The competent court for the lawsuit is the administrative court where the administration that made the decision is located. The period for filing a lawsuit is 60 days starting from the date of notification of the decision to the relevant person.

For Obtaining Multiple Citizenship

Since dual citizenship rights and application conditions is vary from country to country, you can get information about obtainin citizenship from a country you wish with expert consultation service. However, you can learn questions, such as what is dual citizenship conditions, how to get dual citizenship, thourgh a lawyer.

Each country has different requirements regarding both the application process and the documents required for the application. At this point, you can contact Zaren Invest for Turkish citizenship.

Which Conturies Have An Agreement Multiple Citizenship with Turkey?

Turkey is among the countries that accept dual citizenship. Turkish citizens can obtain dual citizenship in other countries through birth, investment and marriage. In addition, children, one of whose parents is a Turkish citizen, can also obtain Turkish citizenship. We have compiled for you the countries that have dual citizenship agreements with Turkey on dual citizenship.


There is an agreement dual citizenship between Turkey and Albania. Therefore, an Albenia citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship thougrh birth, marrgie and investment. Also, if an Albenian citizen want to obtain citizenship by investing in Turkey, he/she don’t need to be in Albania.

Dual citizenship can be obtained by investing in Albania while living in Turkey. However, different documents are required for each dual citizenship application (marriage, investment, birth, ethnicity, etc.). 


Turkish citizens who fully fulfill the conditions set by Bulgaria do not have to renounce their Turkish citizenship when they apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Bulgaristan’ın aradığı şartları yerine getiren Türkler, Bulgaristan vatandaşlığına başvurduklarında Türk vatandaşlıklarından vazgeçmek mecburiyetinde değiller.

Consequently, they benefit from dual citizenship rights. In addition to marriage and investment, Bulgarian immigrants or people of Bulgarian ethnic origin can also apply for Bulgarian citizenship.

United Kingdom

Thanks to the Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens can go to the UK and establish a life there. They can also obtain UK citizenship after some time. At the end of this process, those who get UK citizenship benefit from dual citizenship rights by conservating Turkish citizenship.

Is There an Agreement for Dual Citizenship Between Turkey and Azerbaican?

Can a citizen of the Republic of Turkey obtain dual citizenship if he/she becomes a citizen of Azerbaijan? If the Republic of Azerbaijan grants dual citizenship to its citizens, Azerbaijani citizens can become both Turkish and Azerbaijani citizens if they accept the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. In order to become a Turkish and Azerbaijani citizen, it is necessary to take a look at the legal legislation determined by the countries themselves.


Does Germany Grant Dual Citizenship?

Since Germany is the country that is the subject of the most curiosity about dual citizenship in Turkey, we wanted to explain this issue first.

Today, a person who goes to Germany to work cannot have the right to dual citizenship even if he/she stays in Germany for years and fulfills his/her obligations. After fulfilling the requirements for German citizenship, if you want to become a citizen, you must renounce Turkish citizenship.


The following situation will only allow a Turkish citizen to become a German citizen at the same time. With the law passed in 2014, a person born in Germany with Turkish citizenship in his/her family and who has lived in Germany for at least 8 years or received his/her education in Germany is entitled to dual citizenship.

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