25 November 2022
Türkiye’de nasıl ev alınır

How to buy a house in Turkey is one of the most curious topics in the world recently. Due to its natural beauty and economic advantages, Turkey is one of the places to live for foreigners. Well, someone who wants to buy a house in Turkey should follow a process. In this article, we will explain the process of buying a house in Turkey step by step in order to overcome the problems that may occur in your mind about how to buy a house in Turkey.

Detailed Research

First, you need to do a detailed brief on where you want to live. There are thousands of apartments and property for sale in Turkey, which is growing day by day. Each of them meets different needs and lifestyles. For this reason, you need to look at all of these properties one by one. But you can alleviate this burden with Zaren Invest, which has thousands of apartments and real estate for sale all over Turkey. We will discuss this situation in the following topics.

Travelling to Turkey

If you have decided to buy a house in Turkey. It is useful to see the features and location of the apartment. You need to come to Turkey for this. As Zaren Invest, we do not only sell you an apartment, we also consider your lifestyle and your needs. Zaren Travel, a member of the Zaren Group, of which Zaren Invest is a member, provides you with every comfort during your travelling. In this way, you can realise your planned trip to Turkey in a more comfortable and faster way. At the same time, you can get more information about the house of your choice with Zaren Invest’s expert consultants.

An Accurate and Reliable Consultancy Centre

As mentioned above, buying a house in Turkey is an important and difficult task. Therefore, the right investment advisory service is critical. The complexity of both the decision-making and purchasing process can be easily overcome in this way. Opening a parenthesis here, it would be useful to introduce you a little Zaren Invest;

Zaren Invest

For 10 years, Zaren Invest has been providing services to many countries of the world, especially Turkey. During this time, Zaren Invest has shown to many people that buying property can be a very useful investment tool beyond just buying concrete. In our office located in Ataköy, Istanbul, we are ready to provide the highest quality service to our customers with our competent employees and consultants.

The lifestyle they desire or need is not the same. For this reason, Zaren Invest endeavours to provide the right investments for the desires and needs of each client with its wide portfolio network. In addition to these, we serve you with our experienced legal consultant staff to ensure that you can comfortably benefit from the legal advantages that our investments will bring, such as citizenship and residence permit.

Evaluating Home Options with the Consultancy Centre

Since the portfolios of the counselling centre are quite wide, there are houses for everyone’s lifestyle and needs. For this reason, it is more beneficial for you to carry out the process directly with the counselling centre when choosing a house according to your wishes and desires.

Home Visit

It is important to see the house you have chosen on site and visit the house for more detailed brief. In this process, you can get detailed information about the house with expert consultants and solve possible problems before the sale.

Purchase Procedures

When you pass all these processes without any problems, you need to create a payment plan and sign a contract to buy the house. After the required deposit is paid and the appropriate payment plan is created, you can sign the purchase contract.

Title Deed Purchase

The last stage is the purchase of the title deed. You can get the title deed registration procedures from the General Directorate of Land Registry by bringing your necessary documents.

Title Deed

What Advantages Provides

Buying a house in Turkey gives you more advantages than you can imagine. First of all, by buying a house in Turkey, you can obtain a residence permit and even citizenship. You can benefit from the material and moral advantages of living in Turkey.

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