Invest in Turkey: The Most Profitable Sectors

19 December 2022
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The Most Profitable Sectors to Invest in Turkey

In a globalising world, investing in Turkey is a very easy and profitable business. But first, it is needed to answer how, where and why to invest in. In this article, instead of answering these questions directly, we will give you information. They will help you answer these questions by explaining the most profitable sectors to invest in Turkey.

If you want to answer the question of what should be the most logical investment, you should read our article. In this way, you can reach new business ideas more easily and make the most profitable investment. You can contact Zaren Invest to realise our investment and get the best ways to make money. Now let’s get to know the most profitable investment sectors in Turkey together.

Invest in Turkey

In the article, it would be right to start by answering the question of investment in Turkey. Recently, a method preferred by foreign investors is to invest in Turkey. Investment in Turkey usually provides a return with a high profit margin. Since it is quite safe to invest in Turkey with its growing and stable economy, foreign direct investment is increasing every year. Although these investments usually differ according to sectors, the sector that receives the most foreign investment in Turkey is real estate. Now let’s look at the most profitable sectors for investment in Turkey respectively.

The Most Profitable Sectors to Invest in Turkey

Türkiye’de Yatırım Yapılacak En karlı Sektörler

Textile Investment

The textile and garment sector has many advantages for profitable investment in Turkey. Textile has the quality offered, the wealth of raw materials, the fulfilment of special requirements, flexibility and Turkey’s location in connection with the great demand of Europe and the Middle East. Therefore, the textile market will always be vibrant and attractive for investors.

In addition to the existing incentives, a new incentive programme is expected to come into force for those wishing to invest in the textile sector. In addition, more incentives will be given to investors investing in textiles, especially in the eastern provinces. The growth of the textile business line day by day will benefit you to earn extra income.

Tourism Investment

Turkey is a country that lives in 4 seasons and hosts various tourism sectors. For this reason, tourism is among the most profitable sectors invested in Turkey. Tourism in Turkey, where millions of tourists travel every year, is one of the most increasing sectors in recent times. After the pandemic, tourism regions, especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, offer very profitable investment opportunities.

Tourism investments can be realised in more than one different way. For example, someone who is considering investing in hotel management can make an investment together with a real estate investment. At this point, you can find the most suitable and profitable investment by looking at the properties for sale within Zaren Invest.

International Foreign Exchange Market Investment

One of the most profitable investment sectors in Turkey is foreign exchange investment. In Turkey, the heart of the international foreign exchange market, many investors have made huge profits through foreign exchange investments. You can make commercial investments in the foreign exchange market. For this, you need to open an account with the brokerage firm of your choice.

Then, together with your deposit, you can check your accounts at any time and strengthen your investment. It should be noted that foreign exchange trading is different from stock market trading. In stock market investment, the investor must first buy products in order to make a profit, while in foreign exchange investment, you can buy and sell your product under guarantee.

Energy and Natural Resources Investment

Increasing energy demand worldwide and the need for renewable energy resources lead to an increase in the need for investment in these sectors. Especially in Turkey, there are increasing investments in renewable energy production in the last 10 years. The current Koyoto protocol and agreements between states. So, many countries will accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources and even maximise it by 2050.

Due to Turkey’s geographical location and structure, it is in a position to use many renewable energy sources efficiently. Therefore, this sector is one of the promising and profitable investment sectors in Turkey.

Stock Exchange (Stock Market) Investment

The stock market is a growing and highly profitable investment type in Turkey as in the whole world. The stock market, which is under high risk compared to the real estate sector, fluctuates frequently. However, with the right moves, the stock market provides investors with high income. Patience, experience and knowledge are important in a profitable stock market investment. It is very important to invest in various sectors and various companies and gather information in the fluctuating stock market.

The Borsa Istanbul 100 index continues to set new records, trading above the 5000 level in December as investors continue to use equities as a hedge against rising consumer prices and a falling lira, and Turkish residents seek assets to store their savings. Turkey’s central bank cut borrowing costs by 150 basis points to 9% last month, adding 10% to its unprecedented rate cuts since September 2021.

Meanwhile, the inflation rate, which reached a 1998 high of 85.5% in October, remains high despite slowing for the first time in 18 months to 84.4% in November. So far in 2022, the Borsa 100 index has increased by approximately 170% and 80% in USD terms. On the corporate front, Turkish Airlines is among the best performers, up more than 500% year-to-date.

Investing in the Health Sector

To list the reasons for investing in the health sector in Turkey;

-Turkey’s medical tourism revenue reached USD 1.1 billion in 2019 and the government aims to increase this figure 9-fold by 2023

Affordable services, high-end facilities, state-of-the-art technology, competent staff and short waiting times bring high growth to the market

-Treatment of cardiovascular diseases, organ transplantation, dentistry and plastic surgery are the most common healthcare services provided by authorised healthcare providers.

-Authorised ~1,400 health institutions and ~250 agencies offer services for medical tourism.

– The Ministry of Health has established a subsidiary, the International Health Services Company (IHSC), to help the country achieve its medical tourism goals

– Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir are popular locations for treatment as they are tourist destinations and home to private hospital groups.

Gold and Silver Investment

Precious metals are defined as jewellery with a certain quality standard. Investors who invest in these metals generally rely on their robust and reliable structure. Low-risk precious metal investments show a stable performance in the global economy. Similar to the stock market, expertise is important when investing. Gold is always in the leading position in investment rankings.

Technology Investment

Turkey has given great importance to research and technology development in recent years. Many Turkish universities have technology departments and these departments facilitate the investment process for investors to enter this sector. One of the best advantages of technology investments is that it offers the opportunity to invest with low capital. Developing a software or application gives you the chance to earn unexpected income.

Turkey is in a very advantageous position especially for investors who want to invest in software development, biotechnology, nanotechnology and electronics. Although there are many domestic and foreign companies operating in the Information and Technology sector, the opportunities offered by this sector and the gaps in the market are still very large.

Property Investment

You want to invest wisely and get value for your money. Then, investing in the right property is very important. The first purpose of making a smart investment is to accumulate your assets and utilise them to make a profit. You may also want to make purchases, finance other investments or meet unexpected needs. In a nutshell, you can aim to both make a profit and preserve its value, and convert it into cash when needed.

Turkey’s decision to offer foreigners the right to citizenship by purchasing property worth over $400,000 in Istanbul has boosted property and housing sales in the country. Not only in Istanbul, but anywhere in Turkey, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing any kind of real estate such as apartments, detached houses, villas, commercial units, shops, offices and land worth $400,000.

In addition, by purchasing real estate below this price, you can obtain a residence permit in Turkey and come to Turkey without the need for a visa. You can buy three or two apartments worth $400,000 in total and rent them out. Rents are high, especially in cities such as Istanbul, Bodrum, Muğla (Fethiye) and Antalya, so you will get a high return on investment.

Zaren Invest for Profitable Investments in Turkey

It is important for a foreigner who wants to invest in Turkey to find a reliable and experienced consultancy company. At this point, you can contact Zaren Invest, which will provide you with the best investment consultancy service. Zaren Invest has been providing consultancy services to thousands of clients in different fields, especially real estate services, for more than ten years. Experience profitable investment with Zaren Invest…

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