Needs to Know for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

30 January 2023
Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is most profitable, as well as providing many social advantages. Therefore, many investor want to invest in Turkey. For 10 years, Zaren Invest, which provides many people with consultation both buying and selling property, has been providing diversity real estate investment opportunities thanks to its wide portfolyo.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey
Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Why Should You Make Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey offer many advantages. If you ask yourself the question of why should I buy a real estate in Turkey, we advise you our related article.

The Best Locations for Real Estate Investment in Turkey

There are many profitable locations in Turkey. Location is very important your investment. Therefore, you should pay attetion to your investment opportunity. In this content, Turkey has many diverst profitable investment opportunities. If you think to tourism ınvestment, Antalya and İzmir are most suitable for your investment. On the other hand, Istanbul is uniquie location for investors who want to invest in commerical and uncomplete real estate.

Reliable Property Investment Consultant

One of the most important factors in real estate investment is to get a reliable and experienced investment consultancy. If we explain the importance of real estate investment consultancy respectively;

-Saving Time

-More Experience

-Excellent Opportunities

-Legal Processes


The advantages of ınvestment consultancy we said above provide you with many opportunities during investing processing. If you want real-estate investment in Turkey too, you undoubtedly need an investment consultancy. At this point, we talk about briefly Zaren Invest.

Zaren Invest, a member of Zaren Group, help many people in the world with buying and selling real estate. From the discerning investor looking to buy property in Turkey, our unique portfolio of luxury villas, sea view apartments and apartments for sale provides a range of lifestyle and investment opportunities to suit every need.

Why Zaren Invest;

  1. Reliablity: A company growing with the trust of thousands of customers all over the world
  2. Multinational Headquartered in Istanbul, Zaren Invest serves its customers in more than 10 languages.
  3. Wide Portfolio: With more than 3000 different types of real estate, it has a real estate portfolio suitable for every budget and need.
  4. Best Prices: Zaren Invest offers the most affordable real estate that maintains the balance between your desires and your budget.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment in Turkey

You can get Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey. If you want to turn social and economic advantages, you can obtain Turkish citizenship for 400.000 dollars. Thus, you can benefit from the advantages of Turkish citizenship. The benefits of Turkish citizenship are as follow;

-Your family can obtain dual citizenship together with you.

-You can benefit from health services

-Benefit from a high standard of education

-You can strengthen your business relationships

-You can get an E2 investor visa

-You can benefit from the Treaty of Ankara

-You can benefit from pension rights

With Real Estate Investment Getting Turkish Citizenship

One of the biggest advantages of being a Turkish citizen is having a Turkish passport. A passport is one of the biggest factors in your ability to travel internationally. With the advantages of a strong passport, you can easily and safely carry out both business and touristic travels. To mention the advantages of a Turkish passport in order;

  • Get Your Turkish Passport Fast
  • Long-term Passport Use
  • The Power of the Turkish Passport
  • Visa-free travel to Europe in the future
  • Visa Free / Door Visa Travel to More Than 100 Countries

Property For Sale Turkey

First of all, you should find property for sale in Turkey to invest in Turkey. For this, you can contact Zaren Invest, and thus you can find a real estate according to your desires and needs.

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