The Most Curious Things About Real Estate Investment

23 January 2023
The Most Curious Things About Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable investment types in our era. In this respect, many people ask questions about real estate investment today. As Zaren Invest, a member of the Zaren group and also a real estate company with a strong infrastructure in the international arena for more than 10 years, we have been answering these questions of many of our clients. In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about real estate investment. If you are also considering a real estate investment, you can contact us after reading this article. Let’s answer together to the most curious things about real estate investment.

The Most Curious Things About Real Estate Investment
The Most Curious Things About Real Estate Investment

What is the Most Profitable Investment?

A question, which is kept in mind by those who want to become investors, is What is the most profitable investment? This quesitons is normal. That is why people seek assurances in their investments. Therefore, they look at the most profitable investment. Even if the answer of this question is difficult, we advise that you read our article about the most profitable sectors in Turkey. We answer in short, no doubtly real estate investment is the most profitable invetment. This investment gain you many advantages. Especially, you can more profit your investment with real estate investment patnership (REIT).

Why Property Investment?

Although the question of which is the best investment seems to directly correspond to the question of which is the most profitable, there are differences. However, the answer we will give you to the question of which is the best investment is real estate investment. Real estate investment compared to other types of investment;

  1. Being secure
  2. Maintaining its value in the long term
  3. High profit margin

It can be called the best type of investment.

What is Real Estate Investment?

So what is real estate investment? If we briefly express real estate investment, which is the best and most profitable type of investment; “Real estate investment is a type of investment involving the purchase, management and sale or lease of real estate for profit. However, the person who actively or passively invests in real estate is called a real estate entrepreneur or real estate investor.”

Gayrimenkul iyi bir yatırım mı?

Real estate investment is not only a long-term and profitable investment, it is also a good investment with many social advantages.

What is the best real estate investment?

Real estate investment is divided into types within itself. So, what are the best profitable real estate investments among these types. The most profitable real estate investment types are as follows;

  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Investing in residential property
  • Commercial property investment
  • Real estate renovation investments
  • Incomplete building investments

Among the above types of real estate investments, investments in unfinished real estate and residential real estate are undoubtedly the most profitable.

Is Real Estate Investing Profitable?

Real estate investment is undoubtedly a profitable type of investment. The profit of real estate investment varies according to its type and target region. From this point of view, the type of investment planned by the investor has an important place in this context. For example, the recent increase in the housing and real estate market in Turkey has made many investors profitable.

In addition, social advantages such as citizenship and residence permit brought by real estate investment provide great advantages for investors to grow their capital. Generally speaking, REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT is highly profitable.

How to invest in real estate?

How to invest in real estate is one of the most frequently asked questions. This question can of course be quite complicated for beginners. The best advice on this subject is a real estate consulting firm. A real estate consultancy firm both accelerates your investment process and secures your investment.

Where to invest in real estate?

For investors, the place of investment is very important. The question of where to invest in real estate is related to the type of investment and expectations. For example, if you want to make a tourism investment, Antalya is one of the most profitable places for you. On the other hand, Istanbul is an important place for commercial real estate investment. You can also find many luxury apartments for sale for luxury real estate investment. On the other hand, Ankara and Izmir are among the most profitable cities to invest in Turkey.

Shop or house for investment?

Among the real estate investment options, one of the most common questions people ask is whether to invest in a shop or a house. In general, if you want to invest in real estate for a commercial business, a shop would of course be a very good option for you. On the other hand, buying a house is a good way for someone who wants to make a long-term real estate investment.

How many years does an apartment pay for itself?

The amortization period of a real estate investment varies according to the type of investment and profit margin of the real estate. The answer to the question of how many years it takes for an apartment in Turkey to pay for itself is one of the most curious issues. If we express it with an example, let the price of an apartment be 5.000.000 TL and let the investment rent this apartment at 5000 TL per month.

Then it can be stated that this apartment will pay for itself in 100 months. When we divide 100 months by 12, it is 8.33 years. So this is how we can calculate how many years an apartment can pay for itself. However, you can contact an expert consultancy firm to find out how long the real estate investment you want to buy while investing will pay for itself.

What Should You Pay Attention to Real Estate Investment

The question of what to consider when investing in real estate is one of the most curious questions. In this respect, there are many aspects to be considered when investing in real estate. What things to pay attention to when investing in real estate, respectively;

  • Get professional support
  • Identify the investment area well
  • Identify the investment region
  • Be sure to see the property
  • Learn about services
  • Evaluate expenses and revenues
  • Check transportation options
  • Check the property’s infrastructure systems

What is The Best Investment in 2023

As we enter the new year, one of the biggest questions on our minds is what can be the best and most profitable investments of 2023. First of all, we mentioned above that the investment type is real estate investment. Considering the latest economic data, 2023 will also be a very profitable year for real estate investment. Don’t waste time, contact Zaren Invest.

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