Turkish Citizenship by Investment and How Much Is It?

28 November 2022
Yatırım Yoluyla Türk Vatandaşlığı

One of the most frequently asked questions after the question of how can I get Turkish citizenship is the question of what and how much is Turkish citizenship by investment. Although the answer to this question changes periodically, you can find the answers to the questions of how much and how to gain Turkish citizenship in the current situation in this article. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most profitable methods. For this reason, we will answer frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship through investment in this article as a guide for you.

How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

There is more than one way to obtain Turkish citizenship. You can gain citizenship either through birth or marriage. But if you are asking yourself how you can both grow your capital and benefit from legal rights. One of the most basic answers to this question is Turkish citizenship through investment. You can get Turkish citizenship for a certain fee and investment.

Gaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

As in many countries, you have the right to obtain Turkish Citizenship through investment in Turkey. There is more than one way to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. For example, you can buy a real estate property or you can open a business where you employ a certain number of employees. These are just two basic ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. For more detailed information, you can refer to our article on what you need to know about Turkish citizenship.

How Much is Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Well, someone who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment must invest at least how many dollars. Although the question of how much is Turkish citizenship changes periodically, it will be useful to proceed by answering the frequently asked questions in the last period.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment 250 thousand dollars?

One of the most searched questions on Google is the question of whether Turkish citizenship is 250 thousand dollars. Until 13 May 2022, the minimum investment fee for Turkish citizenship was 250 thousand dollars, while with the change on the specified date, the minimum amount for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship within the scope of the Turkish citizenship investment programme was increased from 250 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars.

Yatırım Yoluyla Türk Vatandaşlığı
Turkish Citinzenship by Investing in

When you obtain the right to Turkish citizenship, you have the right to obtain a Turkish passport. Well, how much is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport through investment;

  • Buying a property for a minimum of $400,000
  • Having a bank account of at least 500 thousand dollars
  • Establishing a minimum $500,000 business
  • Employing at least 50 people

However, one of the situations that should not be considered here is that you need to keep the real estate you have bought and the business you have opened for a certain period of time. The minimum time frame for this is at least 3 years.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Application Process and Required Documents

Let’s talk about the application process and the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. First of all, the first thing to be done for the application is to apply to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs with the title deed of the purchased property. At this point, your investment will be examined by ministries such as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policies, as well as the BRSA and the CMB.

Required Documents

The documents required for Turkish citizenship by investment are as follows;

  • Application form,
  • Identity document from the country of citizenship of the person,
  • If the person is married, marriage certificate, identity document of the spouse and children under the age of 18,
  • Passport size photograph of all members of the family,
  • Birth certificate
  • If the person is divorced or widowed, an official document showing the status,
  • Residence permit or tourist visa,
  • If there are Turkish citizens among the spouse or relatives of the person, photocopies of their identity cards and residence addresses,
  • The receipt of the application payment is among the documents required for the application for Turkish citizenship by investment.

A point to be mentioned here is to specify the documents requested during the property purchase. The documents needed to buy real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment are as follows:

  • The person’s passport, passport photocopy and passport translation,
  • Property value certificate obtained from an authorised real estate valuation company,
  • Earthquake insurance policy,
  • The investor has two biometric photographs and the seller has one biometric photograph,
  • If a proxy carries out the investment transactions, the original and sworn translation of the power of attorney.

If the foreign investor does not speak Turkish, he/she must have a sworn translator. If the property is purchased, the foreign investor must apply for a residence permit. The documents required for the residence permit are as follows:

  • Application form,
  • Passport valid until 60 days after the expiry of the residence permit and photocopy,
  • 4 biometric photographs,
  • A health insurance policy valid for the period of residence,
  • Application fee receipt,
  • Title deed registration certificate of the immovable property.

The foreign investor who completes the above documents is ready to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

How long does it take to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?

We have stated above that there are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Each way chosen to become a Turkish citizen requires different processes and procedures. The shortest of these ways is undoubtedly to gain Turkish citizenship through investment. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment takes an average of 3-4 months after the investment process is completed. As a result, you can also get your new Turkish passport and identity card. However, a legal counsellor to speed up this process is very effective. You can contact Zaren Invest for detailed information and consultancy on the process.

Does Turkish Citizenship by Investment Cover Family Members?

When the Turkish Citizenship Law is examined, it is stated that in case of gaining Turkish citizenship through investment, the spouse will not directly receive the right to citizenship. However, in exceptional cases, there is the right to acquire citizenship. On the other hand, the underage child can gain the right to citizenship when Turkish citizenship is acquired through investment.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

It is now easier to become a Turkish citizen through investment. With the developing technology, it is now more possible to buy a property from kilometres away. You can buy Turkish citizenship with a suitable real estate investment agency. How much is Turkish citizenship, is Turkish citizenship 250 thousand dollars, how can I get Turkish citizenship through investment and more, you can contact Zaren Invest and make the Turkish citizenship and investment process faster and more comfortable. Thanks to Zaren Invest, a member of Zaren Group, you can find all kinds of properties for sale from all over Turkey that suit your needs and desires.

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