FAQs About Turkish Citizenship for Americans

26 November 2022
Turkey for us citizen

There are multiple ways to gain Turkish citizenship. Turkey offers the opportunity to obtain citizenship for American citizens. In this article, we give detailed information about the transition to Turkish citizenship for American citizens and answer frequently asked questions.  You want to get more detailed information on how to obtain citizenship. For this, you can also check our related article after this article.

Turkey for American Citizens

Turkey means many things to American citizens. Many American citizens have a close relationship with Turkey for both economic advantages and touristic purposes. For this reason, it is important for American citizens to obtain citizenship in Turkey.

Turkey for us citizen

How American Citizens Can Become Turkish Citizens

Turkish Citizenship by Birth

One of the most basic ways to obtain citizenship is birth. You have the right to obtain citizenship. Because, you were born in Turkish territory,

How Can I Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

American citizens who want to apply for Turkish citizenship should visit the Immigration Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the necessary documents. Then, the official gazette publish the application.

How can I get citizenship from Turkey with investment?

It is possible for American citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship with investment. There are two ways for this. The first one is to buy a property worth $400,000 and keep it for at least 3 years. The second is to open a business where provide job at least 50 people.

How Can I Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

It is possible for American citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage. However,  they must request a petition declaring the request and a population record sample from Mernis regarding the spouse who is a Turkish citizen.

How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship?

The transition process of American citizens to Turkish citizenship varies according to the preferred method. The shortest and fastest way is to invest. You can contact Zaren Invest for more detailed information about the investment and citizenship process.

The Easiest Way to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

This question is related to your preferred method. And of course it is related to the understanding of convenience. Because getting citizenship is not an easy task. For this, it must first be clear for what purpose it will be taken.

How Can I Get Dual Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship legislation allows more than one citizenship. In this context, if the persons who have acquired the citizenship of a foreign country for any reason submit the relevant documents. And, as a result of the research to be carried out, if it is determined that they are the same persons, a notification is made to the records in the population family registers that they have multiple citizenship.

Lastly, Zaren Invest, as a part of Zaren Group with Zaren Clinic, can help you with getting Turkish Citizenship.

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