Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani FAQ

26 November 2022
Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani

There are several ways to become a Turkish citizen. And, this is open to people from Pakistan too. In this piece, we will give detailed information about the transition to Turkish citizenship for Pakistani citizens. We’ll also respond to questions that people often ask about this process. You’re looking for more information about how to become a citizen. Then, you make sure to read our related article after finishing this one. Zaren Invest is a part of Zaren Group. And, they are here to support your investment process.

Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani

Turkey For Pakistani Citizens

Turkey holds great value for people from Pakistan. Many Pakistanis have close ties with Turkey. Because, they benefit from both economic opportunities and tourism. So, getting Turkish citizenship is important for them.
Turkey is a beautiful country. Therefore, Pakistani people can go there. But, They need a visa. So, what is a visa? A visa is a paper. It lets you go to other countries. Turkey’s visa is easy to get. You can apply online. It is quick and simple. In Turkey, there are many things to see. For example, Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Antalya are famous. They have old buildings and beaches. Pakistani people can also enjoy Turkish food. It is very tasty. Turkey is a great place to visit.

How Pakistani Citizens Can Become Turkish Citizens

Becoming a Turkish citizen for Pakistani citizens involves certain requirements. And, they follow a specific process. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • First, you’re from Pakistan. But, you want to be a citizen of Turkey. And, you need to live there legally. Usually, this should be for about five years. During these years, it’s a good idea to become part of the Turkish community. And, you learn to speak Turkish. Often, you’ll need to pass a language test. This test shows you can speak Turkish well.
  • Having a job in Turkey or investing a lot of money there can help you become a citizen. You’re working or investing in Turkey. Then, it shows that you’re serious about being a part of their country.
  • People who want to become Turkish citizens need to show that they’ve always followed the law. This means they should not have any criminal record. This is very important. Because, it shows that they respect the law and are good people. These good qualities help a lot when applying for citizenship.
  • Investment opportunity: By investing in Turkey, a Pakistani citizen can become a Turkish citizen. To do this, he/she must invest at least $500,000 in Turkey.

Remember, the steps and rules to become a Turkish citizen can change. However, always check with the Turkish embassy or consulate in Pakistan for the latest details. It can also be good to get some advice from a lawyer.

Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani FAQ

How Can I Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Pakistani citizens who want to apply for Turkish citizenship should visit the Immigration Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the necessary documents. Official newspaper publish the application result.

How can I get citizenship from Turkey with investment?

It is possible for Pakistani citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship with investment. There are two ways for this. The first one is to buy a property worth $400,000 and keep it for at least 3 years. The second is to open a business where at least 50 people are employed.

How can I get Turkish Citizenship through Marriage?

It is possible for Pakistani citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage. They need to submit a request in the form of a petition declaring their intent for citizenship. Alongside this, they also need to provide a population record sample from Mernis regarding their spouse who is a Turkish citizen.

How long does it take to get Turkish citizenship?

Changing from a Pakistani citizen to a Turkish citizen can be done in different ways. The quickest way is by investing in Turkey. If you need more help about how to invest and become a citizen, you can talk to Zaren Invest. They can give you all the details you need.

The Easiest Way to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Deciding the easiest way to get citizenship depends on the method you pick. And also, what you think is easy. Remember, getting citizenship can be hard. Before you start, think about why you want to be a citizen.

How Can I Get Dual Citizenship?

The laws in Turkey allow people to have more than one citizenship. Someone gets citizenship from another country. Then, they can show the needed documents. The authorities confirm that they are the same person. Thus, they update their records to show that they have dual citizenship.

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