Turkish Citizenship For Saudi Arabia Citizens

2 December 2022
Arabistan Vatandaşları İçin Türk Vatandaşlığı

Today, there are many ways for Saudi Arabian citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship. In this article, we summarize these ways and explain steps, which should be known by Saudi Arabia Citizens who want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Futhermore, we give detail information about acquring Turkish Citizenship and answer FAQ. Also, ıf you would like to get more information, you can contact Zaren Invest, a part of Zaren Group.

Arabistan Vatandaşları İçin Türk Vatandaşlığı
Turkish Citizenship for Saudi Arabia Citizens

Turkey for Saudi Arabia Citizens

Turkey has historicall importence for Saudi Arabia citizens. Turkish-Arab relations, which have a very deep history, are still continuing today. Many Arab citizens relate to Turkey not only for economic advantages but also for touristic purposes. Therefore, Turkish citizenship is very importance for Arabia.

How Does a Saudi Arabia Citizen Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Citizenship thourgh Birth

Birth is one of the main ways for Saudi Arabian Citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship. An Arab citizen born in Turkish territory has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship. Unless otherwise, any Arab child under the age of 12 who is allegedly born in Turkish territory can become a Turkish citizen.

How Can I Apply Turkish Citizenship?

Saudi Arabian Citizens who wish to apply for Turkish citizenship must visit the Migration Administration of the Ministry of Interior with the necessary documents. The application result is published in the official gazette.

Applications Requirements

If we need to express the Turkish citizenship application conditions for Saudi Arabian Citizens in general;

  • The ability to comprehend and internalize Turkish law
  • Staying in Turkey for a minimum of 5 years
  • Citizenship by investment
  • Not carrying a dangerous disease
  • To know Turkish sufficiently
  • Not to constitute an obstacle to national and public security

Above conditions we give is the requirements for application.

Documents for Applications

Suudi Arabistan Vatandaşlarının Türk vatandaşlığına geçiş için getirmesi gereken evraklar sırasıyla aşağıdaki gibidir;

  • Application Petition (Must include all details)
  • Application Form (wet signed by the applicant)
  • Passport or Similar Travel Document
  • Birth Certificate or Civil Registration Sample. (If married, a civil registration sample or similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children.)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage certificate if the applicant is married, divorce decree if divorced, or death certificate of the spouse if widowed.
  • If the applicant has first or second degree relatives who are Turkish Citizens, a copy of the birth certificate of these individuals obtained from the Mernis system by the application authorities.
  • Health report issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • A work permit, tax certificate, letter of undertaking or similar document proving that he/she and his/her dependents are earning a living in Turkey and proving his/her income or profession.
  • A document from the Provincial Security Directorate showing the dates of entry and exit from the country, indicating that he/she has resided in Turkey for five years without interruption from the date of application to the past.
  • A residence permit for a period of time sufficient to finalize the citizenship procedures from the date of application into the future.
  • If there is a finalized court decision for any crime, a certified copy.
  • If the person’s identity information does not include the month and day of birth, a document obtained from the relevant authorities of his/her country to complete the date of birth. If the said document cannot be obtained, a signed declaration that he/she accepts to be processed in accordance with Article 39 of the Population Services Law No. 5490.
  • Documents such as a receipt showing that the service fee has been deposited to the Ministry of Finance are among the documents required for Turkish Citizenship Procedures.

Obtainig Turkish Citizenship By Inveting in Turkey

Saudi Arabian Citizens can acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through two different methods. The first of these methods is to purchase a real estate of at least 400,000 dollars and hold it for at least 3 years. The second method is to realize an investment that employs at least 50 people.

How Can I Obtain throgh Marrige?

It is possible for Saudi Arabian Citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship through marriage. For the spouse who is a Turkish citizen, it is mandatory to submit a petition stating the request and a birth registration sample taken from Mernis.

When is Turkish Citizenship Granted for Saudi Arabian Citizens?

The process of transition to Turkish citizenship for Saudi Arabian Citizens varies according to the preferred method. The shortest and fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship is to invest. For more detailed information about the investment and citizenship process, you can contact Zaren Invest, the real estate consultancy agency within Zaren Group.

Can I Get Dual Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship legislation allows for multiple citizenship for Saudi Arabian Citizens. If persons who have acquired the citizenship of a foreign country for reasons other than these submit the relevant documents and it is determined that they are the same persons in the records as a result of the research to be carried out, dual citizenship notification is made to their records in the population family registers.

Rejection of Turkish Citizenship Application for Citizens of Arabia

The application for Turkish citizenship for Saudi Arabian citizens may be rejected due to certain deficiencies and situations. The situations regarding the rejection of the file are as follows respectively;

  • Persons who do not have a legal residence permit or who are legal but do not intend to settle in Turkey
  • Asylum seekers or asylum seekers
  • People living as refugees in Turkey
  • Students residing for educational purposes
  • Foreigners residing for touristic purposes
  • Persons residing to accompany their children who are studying
  • Living for therapeutic purposes
  • Persons prosecuted or convicted or detained for any offense

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