Everything about Turkish Passport Types and Functions

10 December 2022
Types of Turkish Passport

In this article, we will explain in detail the answers to the questions of what are the types of Turkish passports and what are their functions. The document required for traveling abroad and replacing the identity card is a passport. Generally, a Turkish citizen Turkish passports are needed for entry to and exit from Turkey. There are types of Turkish passports according to professional status and status. So what are the types of Turkish passports? We provide you with detailed information about passport types and names. If you want to get more detailed information about the advantages of a Turkish passport, you can check our related article.

In short, a passport is a document required for travel between countries. The Turkish passport ranks among the most valid passports in the world. Visa-free entry to many countries is possible with a Turkish passport.

What are the Types of Turkish Passport?

A passport is a document that allows people who want to travel to foreign countries for touristic, business, health or any other reason to present their identity. This document is also recognized as an international identity because it contains the identity information of the passport holder. It is compulsory for every person traveling abroad to issue a passport.

In Turkey, there are 4 different types of passports for traveling abroad. The types of Turkish passport are as follows;

  • Ordinary Passport (Maroon Pasaport)
  • Special Passport (Hususi Pasaport)
  • Diplomatic Passport (Diplomatik Pasaport)
  • Service Passport (Hizmet Pasaportu)

The types of Turkish passport above are given statu or professional.

Ordinary (Burgundy) Passport

A personal passport is a type of passport that can be obtained by Turkish citizens and TRNC citizens. A personal passport is obtained from provincial and district population directorates in Turkey and consulates of the Republic of Turkey abroad. It is also used for at least 6 months. A personal passport is issued for a maximum of 5 years for those under the age of 18 and 10 years for those over the age of 18.

Umuma Mahsus Pasaport (Bordo Pasaport)
Personal (Burgundy) Passport

What is Ordinary?

It means public, open to everyone and for everyone.

How to Get Ordinary Passport?

If you have completed the necessary conditions and documents to obtain a ordinary passport, you can apply to the district population directorates with or without an appointment. You can click here to apply for a passport online. Those who are outside their country of residence can apply through the consulate where they are registered. Applicants must apply for a passport in person, regardless of age.

Documents Required to Obtain an Ordinary Passport

If you want to apply for Ordinary passport, you fullfill requiretments below. At this point, you can gain time by applying online.

  • Original T.R. identity card or temporary identity document
  • Receipt for tuition and wallet fee (Students under the age of 25 are exempt from tuition)
  • 2 biometric photographs
  • 60 days student certificate (Special requirement for students who want to obtain a national passport)
  • Consent document for minors or disabled individuals
  • Old passport if available

Special Passport (Green Passport)

Special passport, also known as Green passport, is given prior member of TBMM, ministers, and civil servants. However, children of green passport holders can hold a green passport until the age of 25. Green passport holders can enter many country regardless of visa requiretment.

Hususi Pasaport (Yeşil Pasaport)
Special Passport (Green Passport)

How to Get Green Passport?

If you have a right to get a special passport, you first complete requiring documents and send a petition to the Ministry of Interior. After depositing the passport book fee at the civil registry offices, you can make your application together with other documents. Your passport will be delivered by PTT cargo to the address you have given and wherever you want.

What are Requiring Documents for Green Passport?

Those who want to obtain a special passport can complete the following documents and make an appointment from the green passport application link. Documents required for a special passport;

  • Special passport request letter to the Ministry of Interior,
  • 1 biometric photograph,
  • Original identity card,
  • Employees: signature circular obtained from the provincial, regional or general directorates of the institution they work for,
  • Retirees A document showing the position and seniority at which they retired on the date of retirement,
  • Resigned civil servants: a document showing their seniority at the time of resignation,
  • Deceased beneficiaries: a document showing the seniority of the deceased beneficiary at the date of death,
  • Under 18 years of age: consent from parents

What are Advantages of Green Passport?

Green passport holders can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa. You can find a detailed breakdown of these countries and how long you can stay visa-free here. Green passport holders are also exempt from passport fees, but must pay the passport book fee.

How Long Does Green Passport Last?

The duration of the green passport varies between 1 year and 5 years. The duration of the issued passport is determined by the conditions set by the Ministry of Interior and the request letter of the managers of the organizations.

Countries Entiring Without Visa with Green Passport

Compared to burgundy passport holders, green passport holders have many advantages in visa issues. Especially those who work in the public sector or retired from the public sector can travel to hundreds of countries in every continent of the world without a visa with a green passport. In addition, the children of green passport holders are also entitled to use green passports as long as they continue their education until the age of 25.

Services Passport (Grey Passport)

Yellow press card holders traveling abroad on official assignment and academics traveling for scientific and cultural reasons are issued service passports for the duration of their assignment. Service passports allow visa-free travel to some countries. In order to obtain a service passport, a request form approved by the institution, biometric photograph, identity card and Turkish ID card are required.

Hizmet Pasaportu (Gri Pasaport)
Service Passport (Grey Passport)

Who is issued a Service Passport (Gray Passport)?

Service passports are issued to individuals who are sent abroad on behalf of the state but do not have a black (diplomatic) or green (private) passport.

  • Persons sent abroad on official business by the government, special administrations or municipalities,
  • Those, who work as civil servants in international organizations of which the Republic of Turkey is a member,
  • Persons appointed by the Turkish Aeronautical Association and the Turkish Red Crescent Society,

Service Stamped Passports are issued to spouses, minor children and children who are of legal age and reside with their parents, are not married, do not have a job, continue their education and have not exceeded the age limit of 25.

How long does Gray Passport last?

A service passport is issued to cover the duration of the duty passport. After the end of the service period, gray passport holders cannot use this passport. The gray passport, which is usually issued for 5 years, includes the visa of the assigned country. After the assignment ends, the service passport is returned to the institution. At the end of the service period, the institution returns the passport to the provincial population directorate.

Documents Required a Service Passport

Below are the documents required for the application for a service passport. Those who wish to obtain a Service Passport can request their service passports by issuing these documents.

  • Service passport request form
  • Original identity card (You can also keep a photocopy with you)
  • Original of your previous passports
  • 2 biometric photographs
  • Passport book fee receipt
  • Consent for minors or persons with disabilities
  • Proof of education for students
  • Health board report

How many days does it take for a service passport to arrive?

Between 3 and 5 days you will receive your Service passport.

Is It Possible to Travel with Service Passport?

A service passport is a type of passport that covers only periods of service. Therefore, you cannot travel abroad for touristic purposes with this type of passport, which covers only periods of service. Keep in mind that in such cases, not only you but also the institution that issued you the passport will be under suspicion.

Diplomatic Pasaport (Black Pasaport)

Diplomatic passports can be issued to citizens of the Republic of Turkey working in embassies and consulates, members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, high-ranking officials such as the Supreme Court of Appeals, Council of State, Court of Accounts. Black passports are obtained without fees and charges. In addition, only a book fee is charged for special passports and service passports. On the other hand, public passports are subject to a fee depending on the duration.

Diplomatik Pasaport (Siyah Pasaport)
Diplomatic Pasaport (Black Passport)

How to Get a Diplomatic Passport?

The diplomatic passport is the option that requires the most criteria to be met in order to become a passport holder, and since it is only issued to people working on behalf of the state, it is a type of passport that can be pre-applied for online.

Documents Required a Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic e-passport applicants can apply to the Passport Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the following documents.

  • Identity document with T.R. identification number on it
  • A receipt showing that the diplomatic e-passport wallet fee has been deposited into the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs / PDGY / Diplomatic e-Passport Account” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Branch of Türkiye İş Bankası
  • Two biometric photographs (last 6 months)

You can review the other required documents in detail on the diplomatic e-passport application page above.

What are the Advantages of a Diplomatic Passport?

Diplomatic passport holders are subject to more privileges than holders of ordinary and other passports. For example, black passport holders can enter many countries without a visa.

Who Can Get a Diplomatic Passport?

Diplomatic passports may be issued to public officials at certain levels and above and, subject to certain conditions, to their family members.

  • Members of Parliament,
  • Ministers who are not members of Parliament,
  • The president and members of the Constitutional Court,
  • The Court of Cassation, Council of State, Military Court of Cassation, Military High Administrative Court, Court of Appeal, Court of Accordance, Court of Accounts, and the first and second presidents of the General Staff,
  • Chief Public Prosecutor
  • Generals
  • Admirals
  • Former presidents,
  • Legislative assemblies,
  • Foreign ministers,
  • Secretary General of the Presidency,
  • Secretary General of the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey,
  • Ministry undersecretaries,
  • Head of Religious Affairs,
  • Governors
  • Metropolitan mayors,
  • Those sent on behalf of the Government to conduct official international negotiations, conclude agreements or participate in international meetings, congresses and conferences,
  • Those sent on permanent or temporary assignments before foreign states or international organizations,
  • Black passports can be issued to state officials and their families who serve as political couriers, etc.

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