What are the best Real Estate Investment Types in Turkey

15 December 2022
Türkiye'de Karlı Yatırım Türleri

In this article, we will first discuss the types of investment and then we will give you detailed information about the type of real estate investment in Turkey. The end of this article, you contact us. Thus, you can get more information about this topic.

the best Real Estate Investment Types in Turkey
the best Real Estate Investment Types in Turkey

How Many Types of Investment Are There?

There are many alternatives for both short-term and long-term investments. We have listed the different types of investments that you can choose according to your experience, savings and goals. First of all, let’s divide investment types into financial investments and production investments.

Financial Investments

Financial investments are also known as fiscal investments. In these investments, the investor may purchase or partially purchase an already existing value-added instead of directly buying and selling a product or building a production facility. The most prominent sub-types of financial investments are as follows:

Equity Shares

Stocks are a form of investment in which one becomes a shareholder by buying shares in publicly traded companies, i.e. companies listed on the stock exchange. Investors earn money from shares in two ways: sales after the stock has appreciated in value and the distribution of dividends. A company distributes a dividend to shareholders, which is a share of its profits. The dividend can be given in cash or in the form of shares.


To meet urgent cash needs, governments and large firms raise money from investors and sell bonds in return. A bond is a document stating that the loan will be repaid on a specific date and at a specific interest rate. Investors can buy domestic bonds as well as bonds of other foreign countries.

Bank Investments

Banks earn interest income on the money deposited in time deposit accounts. The amount of this interest income varies according to the bank, the periodic inflation rate and the maturity.

Foreign Currency Purchase

In countries with a liberal exchange rate policy, buying and selling foreign currency is also an investment tool. You can make these transactions instantly at exchange offices or via internet banking.

Production Investments

Production investments mainly include: construction or acquisition of a plant, investment for expansion of an existing plant, investment for modernization, investment for research and development. You can divide real estate investments into a number of sub-headings. In general, we can say that they involve building a production facility from scratch or purchasing an existing production facility. This facility can produce both products and services.
Unlike financial investments, interest or the sale of the asset whose value is increased does not generate profit. Instead, the sale of the service or product produced generates profit.

The Advantages of Investments

As the types of investment increase, we can see many innovations in terms of benefits. The biggest benefit, of course, is that investors can guarantee themselves and their lives. Especially with long-term investments, you can gaing very high returns for a lifetime. Of course, it is even more important to use investment advisors who provide professional support at this stage. Since investments are a tool that can change at any time in the market, people can perceive them as positive or negative.

Long-term Income

Regular income is one of the most critical issues for capital and financial investment. It is important for the investor to earn a more stable income, for the dynamics of earnings to be of higher quality and to remain reliable. Thousands of investors worldwide are making a fortune from their shares and dividend income from these securities. If you focus on low incomes, you will see that millions of investors continue to operate in this area.

Ensuring financial freedom through investment

It can also be seen as an opportunity for people who would not normally consider investing but are bored with the sector. Investing can help you achieve financial freedom as it provides you with a long-term income.

More income

It can be a passive means of income, but it can also become a channel for the most important income in your life. Because there are so many different ways, different tools and different incomes that can be earned. You can earn more than a regular income.

Secure your life with investments

Above all, you can gain confidence in your bones with investment advice that generates returns for the rest of your life and always maintains a stable profit margin. Professional support, a strong infrastructure and platforms where you have the freedom to trade 24/7 are crucial to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

The most Important Types of Real Estate Investments in Turkey

Commerical Real Estate Investment

This type of investment is an important option for investors and many choose it. Because, Turkey has all the ingredients needed to make commercial real estate investments successful. Also, the most prominent of these is the stable and prosperous economy, which guarantees investors that their investment will remain stable and steady without fluctuations.

Those who make the right choice will have a wide variety of commercial real estate such as offices and shops, which are considered the best choice in Turkey. Since Turkey is a tourist destination, it is visited by a large number of tourists every year, which generates enough income. Also, the large shopping centers and hotels that Turkey is famous for are also sufficient.

Investing in residential property

One of the most important real estate investment types is residential property investment. There are many types residential property: self-contained apartments, apartment complexes, villas and detached houses.

Commerical Property Turkey

Turkey has many cities and industrial zones that attract industrial investors. Investing in industrial real estate in particular is a good idea as it receives a lot of attention and support from the government and many taxes are reduced.

Restoration Real Estate Investment

This type an investment depend on developing property. It involves buying an old property, making improvements, then selling it at a higher price and benefiting from the price difference. Some see this investment method as a way to revitalize old properties.

Incomplete building investments

Often, owners of large projects prefer to invest in the entire building, as it is suitable for the headquarters of a large company, a health center or an educational institution, and the returns are likely to be high.

The main advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey are

Buying property in Turkey comes with a number of privileges and advantages, the most important of which is living in one of the most economically and culturally important countries. In return, when you buy property and live in it, you get amenities that make life easier and reduce hassles.

You don’t want to live in it and you only buy it for trading and investment purposes. Then you are the winner because at the end of the month you earn money through rent. If you buy the apartment and live there, you will raise your children in a conservative environment with eastern traditions and western developments and this is a big win in itself, plus you will learn Turkish.

The obvious advantages of buying property in Turkey are the favorable visa regime and the simple procedure for obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of many countries can visit Turkey for tourism without wasting time and money on visa applications. Property owners can apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years and become equal citizens of this wonderful country.

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