Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

25 November 2022
Türk vatandaşlığının avantajları

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

One of the most asked topic for one who want  a Turkish citizenship is the benefits of Turkish citizenship. Here, we answer this question. In Turkey, every different religion is respected and everyone can freely fulfill their religious beliefs. It also provides safer living conditions than many countries. One who get Turkish citizenship can live in Turkey. And, he/she can benefit from its advantages.

The benefits of being a Turkish citizen can be summarised as follows.

You can have Turkish Citizen Rights

A person from another country who becomes a Turkish citizen has the same rights as someone born in Turkey, no matter their religion, language, or race. These rigths are below;

1.) Right to;

  • Vote and Stand for Election
  • Work and Form Unions
  • Education
  • Private Property
  • Fair Trial
  • Privacy
  • Health and Social Security

2.) Freedom of;

  • Speech and Expression
  • Assembly and Association
  • Religion and Conscience
  • Movement

Let’s look at a number of these right.

Your family and children also benefit from citizenship

Together with the person who applies for Turkish citizenship; his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 and their children to be born also acquire Turkish citizenship.

You can benefit from Health Services

A foreign citizen who becomes a Turkish citizen benefits from health services both for himself and his family.

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

Getting free care in top-notch hospitals that meet international standards in Turkey makes sure that you and your family’s health are well protected.

Benefit from High Standard Education Opportunities

In Turkey, lots of primary, secondary, and high schools use different languages for teaching. Plus, there are many universities providing excellent education.

Education advantages of Turkish citizenship

Once you get Turkish citizenship, you and your family can access quality education in both free and private schools and universities.

In Turkey, only those who are Turkish citizens can get the benefit of student loans that need to be paid back from the Student Loan and Dormitories Institution.  For this reason, a foreign citizen can also benefit from this loan when he/she becomes a Turkish citizen.

Strengthen Business Relationships

Turkey, a key player in global trade due to its strong economy and reputation, maintains business relationships across many areas and countless industries.

Well business relationship

A foreign person doing business in Turkey can leverage the benefits of Turkish citizenship to further enhance their business relationships.

Getting an E2 Investor Visa Will Be Easier

As a Turkish citizen, it’s simpler for you to get the E2 Investor Visa. This is useful if you want to start a business in America or buy an already established one.

benefits of turkish citizenship E2 visa

The country of the citizen who will apply for an E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the USA. Turkey has an agreement with the United States on this issue.

You can have dual citizenship

Turkey lets you have two citizenships at the same time. So, you can be a citizen of your home country and Turkey at the same time.

If your home country doesn’t let you have two citizenships, you can still live and work in Turkey forever if you meet the rules for the Turquoise Card set by the Turkish government. Details can be found under the Turquoise Card section of this page).

Benefit from the Power of the Ankara Agreement

Thanks to the Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens can move to the UK and start a business. This agreement makes it possible for people with Turkish citizenship to set up their own business in the UK.

Benefit from the Power of the Ankara Agreement

You can stay in Turkey as long as you wish

If a person from another country wants to live in Turkey for a long time and enjoy its weather, nature, cultural sights, and way of life, they need to get a permit to live or work there, and keep updating it.

When you have Turkish citizenship, there is no restriction on the duration of your stay in Turkey.

You Can Benefit from Inheritance Law

A foreigner who is a Turkish citizen is subject to Turkish Laws and Turkish inheritance law. If someone dies, any property they owned in Turkey will be divided among their heirs, following the rules set out in the law.

Voting Rights

Foreign nationals who acquire Turkish citizenship later on have the right to vote like Turkish citizens by birth.

Turkish citizenship of voting rights

Benefiting from Retirement Rights

If a person from another country becomes a Turkish citizen, they can retire in Turkey. They just need to meet some rules about their age, how long they’ve worked, and payments they’ve made for social security.

FAQ’s about Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

How can you become a Turkish citizen?

You can become a Turkish citizen and benefit from its advantages. Firstly, you must be a Turkish citizen. To understand how to become a Turkish citizen, check out our related article. If you’re interested in gaining citizenship through investment, reach out to Zaren Invest, a trusted name in the field.

Is Turkey good for citizenship?

Whether Turkey is good for citizenship or not depends on your specific needs and preferences. Turkey has many good things to offer, like a deep history and culture, pretty nature scenes, and living there can be cheaper compared to a lot of Western countries. However, there are also challenges, such as navigating the Turkish language, understanding cultural differences, and potential political instability. Your personal, professional, and financial circumstances can greatly influence whether Turkish citizenship is a good fit for you.

Can I get Turkish citizenship after 5 years?

Based on what I know up until September 2021, you might be able to get Turkish citizenship if you live in Turkey for 5 years and meet certain conditions. These could be things like being married to someone from Turkey, having a job permit, or showing you earn enough money to take care of yourself. These rules can sometimes change, so it’s always a good idea to check the most up-to-date information from reliable sources. 

How many years should I live in Turkey to get citizenship?

If you live in Turkey for five years with a permit and follow all the rules, you can apply to become a Turkish citizen. These rules could include showing that you fit well into Turkish life, like speaking the language well, and not being out of Turkey for more than six months during those five years.

Can I get Turkey citizenship for 250k?

According to the rules in 2022, Turkey lets people from other countries become Turkish citizens if they buy property worth at least $500,000. They need to keep this property for at least three years. The government also has to approve the property for this purpose. Remember, these rules can change, so it’s a good idea to ask a lawyer or the Turkish authorities for the latest information.

What is the difference between residency and citizenship Turkey?

Residency and citizenship are two different types of permission in Turkey. Residency means you have permission to live in Turkey, often through a residence permit. People from other countries with this permit can live in Turkey, but they don’t have the same rights as Turkish citizens.

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